Sam Coffman

Austere Acute Care Medicine Course

The AACM course is focused on acute, integrative care in remote, underserved, post-disaster or austere conditions. This includes patient assessment, treatment & support using both pharmaceutical and botanical medicine in a highly integrative ...

Katia LeMone

Austere and Disaster Birth Worker Course

Would you be prepared for an emergency birth situation whether post-disaster, en-route to the hospital or even at home? Would you be prepared to help your community in an emergency?

Sam Coffman

SHTF Herbal Medicine and Wilderness First Aid Introduction

Welcome to an 8-week course that will give you the most complete introduction to practical, useful herbal medicine in post-disaster situations, over the course of 16 short lecture hours and 8 weeks of study materials.

Sam Coffman

Medic: Herbs For Post Disaster Acute Care On Demand Course

Herbal medicine offers extremely effective approaches to acute illnesses in post disaster situations, offering relief to physical ailments while also supporting mental and body system health. Learn an approach for long-term care using herbs!

Thomas Bryant

Introduction to Water Purification Systems On Demand Course

Learn the fundamentals of water purification in an off-grid or homestead environment for a family or small community.

Thomas Bryant

Practical Radio & Communications for Off Grid & Post Disaster Environments

This course is an introductory course that will help you gain skills and knowledge needed to function as part of a medical or health-care related team in remote, urban and post-disaster environments.

Sam Coffman

Pathophysiology - Inflammation and Infection

This 4-week module studies the pathophysiology of inflammation & infection separately and together. Topics covered include the immune system, wound healing & infection management, target specific medicine making, and much more.

Sam Coffman

Survival Engineering: Alternative Power

Learn the fundamentals of creating alternative methods of power in an off-grid or homestead environment for a family or small community.

Sam Coffman

Sanitation and Hygiene