Womens' Reproductive Health Workshop

taught by Mel Bailey
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Mel Bailey
Mel Bailey
RN, Midwife, Doula, Instructor

About the Instructor

Mel Bailey is a Midwife, Nurse, Certified Health Coach, Family Herbalist, and Yoga instructor. She is also an Evidence Based Birth Instructor and Evidence Based Childbirth Educator. Mel has been involved in women’s health care for over 20 years, attending her first birth in 1997. She is the Assistant Director of EarthWise Midwives & Doulas, and an instructor and evaluator at Academia Tierra Sabia in Cuatemoc, Mexico.

Mel facilitates trainings both state-side and internationally for birth workers, as well as disaster relief workers and others in need of emergency birth skills. Mel is also the founder of Wellness Within, providing personalized wellness guidance to individuals during pregnancy and birth, and nurturing new families.

Many women feel disconnected from their bodies when it comes to understanding reproductive health and having discussions with health care providers. Mel Bailey, RN and midwife, is leading this informative workshop to give easy access to understanding your personal health.

This workshop will cover:

  • The most effective self-breast examination techniques
  • Common causes of non-cancerous breast lumps and natural remedies
  • Anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory dietary recommendations 
  • Environmental and lifestyle factors linked to breast cancer
  • Pros and cons of various diagnostic testing for breast cancer
  • Breast self-massage technique and herbal oil recipe
  • Lifestyle recommendations to maintain optimal vaginal health
  • Common causes of vaginal itching or burning and natural remedies
  • Dietary recommendations to prevent and treat yeast overgrowth
  • Addressing vaginal dryness and painful intercourse
  • Basics of sexually transmitted infections 
  • Detecting, preventing and treating urinary tract infections naturally
  • Vaginal steaming benefits and how-to

Course Contents

1 Video
1 Text
7 PDFs
2.0 hrs