Woman In The Woods – Planning An Outdoor Trip

Planning An Outdoor Trip | taught by Suchil Coffman
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Suchil Coffman
Suchil Coffman

About the Instructor

Suchil is the Director for The Human Path as well as Herbal Medics Academy. She brings a diverse background to the Provider program at the school, with a strong history of preserving and canning foods, a love of wildcrafting and a mission to take the school into more sustainable and off-grid directions whenever possible.

‘The Woman in the Woods’ is a series of 3-week online courses designed to empower all genders and ages over 16 to spend time outdoors and in nature with confidence and enthusiasm.  Outdoor Educator Jen-Osha will share her backcountry experience to help you plan and carry out your own outdoor adventures. 

This first module is focused on building confidence and autonomy in women who are not yet comfortable adventuring in the woods. 

Students will touch on these topics: 

  • Personal safety in nature and beyond 
  • Outdoor preparedness skills (and how to make these daily skills!) 
  • Situational awareness tools that expand awareness  
  • Human and environmental hazards 
  • Basic navigation 
  • Preparing for a hike or camping trip in an area of your choice 

Throughout the class you will learn how to pack for your adventures, journal through personal exploration, and be part of a supportive community ready to support your empowerment no matter what your experience level.   

The goal of this class is to nurture your connection to the natural world as a source of strength that empowers you in whatever situation you find yourself in – mom life, single life, married life, pandemic life – at this moment.  Jen-Osha is an experienced and passionate educator who looks forward to growing and learning right along with you! 

Each following module will be a deeper exploration of topics, and begins with: 

Module 2: Preparedness Skills  (October)

Module 3: Personal Safety  (November)

Course Contents

64 Videos
1 Quiz
15.0 hrs

Course Curriculum

Course Information: An Introduction to the Outdoors