Medic: Herbs For Post Disaster Acute Care

taught by Sam Coffman
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Sam Coffman
Sam Coffman

The Medic: Herbs for Post Disaster Acute Illness

As the dust settles after a natural disaster, acute health conditions frequently set in. 

 Smoke inhalation and respiratory distress follow wildfires, digestive issues will arise from contaminated water sources, and stress, exhaustion and grief can affect both emotional and physical health.

Herbal medicine offers extremely effective approaches to acute illnesses in post disaster situations, offering relief to physical ailments while also supporting mental and body system health. In this 3 hour workshop, we will cover an approach for long-term care using herbs, following a disaster.

We will cover:

  • Top 5 post disaster herbs for acute illness
  • Pharmaceutic medicine vs Herbal medicine
  • Preparing formulas for an emergency
  • Geriatric illnesses
  • Psychiatric and mental health during a disaster
  • Red flags to watch for

Course Contents

33 Videos
2 Texts
4 PDFs
1 Download
3.0 hrs

Course Curriculum