Making An Herbal Self Care Kit

taught by Suchil Coffman
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Suchil Coffman
Suchil Coffman

About the Instructor

Suchil is the Director for The Human Path as well as Herbal Medics Academy. She brings a diverse background to the Provider program at the school, with a strong history of preserving and canning foods, a love of wildcrafting and a mission to take the school into more sustainable and off-grid directions whenever possible.

During a time of tremendous stress and for some, isolation and fatigue, it is normal to feel overwhelmed. Spend the evening blending ingredients to make a triad of herbal goodness.

This 2-hour live interactive online workshop will teach you how to make formulas with the herbs we send you, work with easy kitchen materials and create custom blends that you can make over and over!  We will also discuss the therapeutic properties of the herbs used in the class.

Food Fatigue:  Learn to make a tasty and smoky herbal salt that will turn your routine meal from the pantry into something interesting, flavorful and at the same time, will support better digestion!

Tea Time: The best way to work through stress is with a cup of aromatic and delicious tea made with powerful herbs and sensual plants.  Tea is also one of the best ways to get herbs into the system, and is universally accepted as a gentle hug in times of stress.

Purely Electuary:  Learn to make a delicious honey-based medicine that will help with digestion while also supporting your immune system.  Once you make this, you’ll always want to have a pot of it on your countertop for tea, toast and even to just take by the spoonful!

Course Contents

1 Video
1 Quiz
1 Text
4 PDFs
2.0 hrs