Introduction to Water Purification Systems

taught by Thomas Bryant
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Thomas Bryant
Thomas Bryant

About the Instructor

Thomas Bryant is a lifelong gardener who was taught about permaculture and integrated agriculture from his parents long before the term was used in common language. He grew up in the mountains of Idaho where he was taught to forage the mushrooms and berries from the forest, but to always leave some behind to propagate the next season's harvest. He has built numerous aquaponics systems, operated a small scale commercial landscape nursery, spent years remediating the pastures at his property and has run a working farm producing both animal and plant products for two decades. He has studied herbs with the Human Path for years and has completed the Family Health, Emergent Responder, Apophecarist, and is in the final stages of the Clinical program. 

Thomas has also so taught numerous classes with the Human Path and is the Off-grid and Emergency communications instructor.

Learn the fundamentals of water purification in an off-grid or homestead environment for a family or small community. 

Although the course (especially during the online portion) covers several methods of purifying water, the focus of the course is building a full-scale slow-sand filtration system.

We have built these systems at the school and various communities in the USA and abroad. It is one of the simplest and most complete methods of filtering water from biological (and other) contaminants. The resources are relatively simple to acquire, anywhere in the world, and the concepts are simple but take some practice to achieve correctly.

Course Contents

4 Videos
13 PDFs
1 Download
4.0 hrs