Introduction to Clinical Nutrition

taught by Kyla Helm, M.D. | taught by Kyla Helm, M.D.
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Kyla Helm, M.D.
Kyla Helm, M.D.

About the Instructor

Introduction to Clinical Nutrition is an online, 8-week course with downloadable, weekly course lectures and materials as well as live Q & A sessions. This course covers toxins, micronutrient deficiencies in our culture, useful and controversial modern diets, interpreting lab tests, specific disease processes like diabetes, ADD/ADHD, cardiovascular disease and their links to specific nutritional issues. Kyla presents this material in a very understandable format, and includes her years of clinical experience along with fundamental nutrition concepts.

Introduction to Clinical Nutrition covers 20 hours of class time. In this 8-week course we will cover:

– Introduction to functional medicine & clinical nutrition

– Basic Tenets of Health Eating (The Big Picture)

– Nutrition 101

– Macronutients: carbs, fats, proteins and fiber

– Label Reading

– Phytonutrients

– Sugar, HFCS and other sweeteners

– Sodas

– Water & Other Beneficial Drinks

Course Contents

39 Videos
1 Quiz
4 Texts
33 PDFs
2 Audios
20.0 hrs

Course Curriculum