The Apothecarist

Making Internal Herbal Preparations | taught by Suchil Coffman

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Suchil Coffman
Suchil Coffman

About the Instructor

Suchil is the Director for The Human Path as well as Herbal Medics Academy. She brings a diverse background to the Provider program at the school, with a strong history of preserving and canning foods, a love of wildcrafting and a mission to take the school into more sustainable and off-grid directions whenever possible.

The Apothecarist Program takes roughly 9 to 18 months to complete this intensive study program (both online and on-site) that explores the processes of making herbal products as a profession. In addition to the history of the apothecary trade, students will get extensive training in the making of both internal and external herbal preparations as well as important product regulation information every practicing apothecarist should know.

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Course Contents

21 Videos
3 Quizzes
2 Multimedia
7 Texts
16 PDFs
4 Audios
24.0 hrs

Course Curriculum

How To Make A Percolation Tincture Tutorial, taught by Sam Coffman